Priding themselves on writing melodic tunes, the Chicago band has shaped itself by fine tuning their sound over the past 10 years, finding their groove as Out For Hours.

A tornado brought the two band founders together. Vocalist Frankie Monacella and guitarist Chris Ulrich, both songwriters, met on a mission project to help victims in a tornado-ravaged section of Oklahoma in 1999 (the origin of The Tornado Song).

Graduating from college in 2002, the creative team was born. As the songs began to evolve, so did the band. In the summer of 2004, Out For Hours welcomed drummer Paul Wilhelm and bassist Mark Vazquez. Paul attended the University of Illinois, where he was a regular in the local music scene while Mark demonstrated diverse styles of bass guitar as a member of The University of Chicago Jazz Ensemble. Paul’s brother, Adam Wilhelm, joined the band on keys in 2008. Classically trained, Adam focused on diverse styles of Jazz and Ska while at Knox College. Playing in several multi-genre bands, Paul, Adam and Mark brought their unique styles to the band, creating the eclectic sound of Out For Hours. After 8 years of writing and performing, Mark said goodbye to the band for personal reasons. Enter Tim Fullerton on bass. Tim, a long time singer, songwriter and lead guitarist, shifted his talents from another rock project to join Out For Hours.

To date, Out For Hours has performed on major network television, national radio, shared the stage with major label acts and has captured fans across the globe.

Out For Hours has been described as a melodic rock band with a pop and funk edge, and it’s the enjoyment the band receives from performing its unique songs that inspires the band to keep writing.


Frankie Monacella – Vocals/ Guitar
Chris Ulrich – Backing Vocals/ Guitar
Paul Wilhelm – Drums
Adam Wilhelm – Backing Vocals/ Keys
Tim Fullerton – Bass Guitar


Out For Hours EP (2005)
Save Today Tomorrow (2008)
Where Has Summer Gone – single (2009)
Unplugged and Waiting for the Storm – Acoustic (2011)
Lines (2012)
Sweet Talk EP (2014)
Caught Up in the Sound (2016)